Welcome to Unmetered.Exchange

A new, segmented, not-for-profit Internet Exchange point (IXP) in Vancouver, BC, Canada with a growing list of access locations in Burnaby, New Westminster, Campbell River, Coquitlam and beyond!

Unmetered.Exchange was created to provide a low-barrier, easy to access Internet Exchange in Canada which improves routing performance for all Installed parties

As of August 2019 we are now accepting 100gbps connections in the Harbor Center Meet Me Room! You must supply your own optic to connect. Details in our FAQ

What is an Internet Exchange?

An IX (Internet Exchange) allows networks to interconnect on an open-access ethernet fabric -- providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, cost-effectively, in a locale. Internet Exchanges improve Internet performance for all participants by increasing bandwidth and lowering latency for all connected networks.

Where is Unmetered.Exchange Located?

Right now we have two switches available for cross connects - one located in the Meet Me Room on floor 6 of Harbor Center and a second located at the TechFutures YVR1 colocation datacenter. Please note we are only accepting fibre cross-connects in Harbor Center.

Read more in our FAQ


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internet Exchange?

An IX (Internet Exchange) allows networks to interconnect on an open-access ethernet fabric -- providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, cost-effectively, in a locale. Internet Exchanges improve Internet performance for all participants by increasing bandwidth and lowering latency for all connected networks.

How is traffic exchanged?

All participants connect to the shared switching fabric using Ethernet - either via copper (cat 5e/6) or fibre (single mode, LC connector).
Participants use the Border Gateway routing Protocol (BGP) to exchange routing information with other connected networks.

Where is Unmetered.Exchange located?

Right now we have two switches available for cross connects - one located in the Meet Me Room on floor 6 of Harbor Center and a second located at the TechFutures YVR1 colocation datacenter. Please note we are only accepting fibre cross-connects in Harbor Center.

How much does it cost?

as of July 2019 we are not charging for ports

What media is supported?

We currently support copper connections via 1gbps CAT6/CAT5e cable, fiber cross connects via 10Gbase-LR single mode transcievers, or 100gbps connections (supply your own Cisco QSFP28 optic). Please note that we are only accepting copper cross-connects at the Techfutures colocation, and we are only accepting 10 or 100gbps connections over fiber except under special circumstances

Do the Route Servers impliment filtering?

Yes. Our route servers support strict IRRDB filtering and have strict prefix limits to prevent invalid routes from entering participants' routing tables.

What prefixes do you use?

We currently use the following prefixes on the peering VLAN:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2602:ffb1:200::/48

Are you on PeeringDB?

Yes! Our PeeringDB page is: https://www.peeringdb.com/ix/2452 and we can also be found on Hurricane Electric's BGP Toolkit

Do you have a looking glass?

Yes! Our looking glass is available at: http://lg.unmetered.exchange

Right now you can see all the active sessions to our route server and we may add additional functionality over time.

Are there any services available on the exchange?

We currently operate an AS112.net route server and may bring more services online in the near future!

What routing software do you use?

We use BIRD to power our route servers, which is a widely adopted routing engine used on IX's around the world. To configure BIRD we use ARouteServer which has greatly aided in automation of our configuration.

I want to connect to Unmetered.Exchange

A couple of requirements

Great! We'd be happy to have you! We have just a couple of simple rules:

  • You must have an ASN and IPv4/IPv6 space allocated from a registred RIR
  • You must be able to obtain a physical cross-connect to one of our switches
  • You must have a published routing policy in IRRDB
  • The only permitted layer 2 protocols are: ARP, IP and IPv6, other protocols such as CDP, UDLD, EDP, VTP, DTP, LLDP and similar must be disabled
  • IPv6 router solicitation and IPv4 DHCP protocols must be disabled on the peering VLAN
  • Participants must have a profile on the PeeringDB which accurately lists their AS-SET
  • Participants agree to not point static or default routes at any other member without explicit permission from the other party.

Getting connected

Assuming you meet these requirements and can get a physical cross-connect to our switches, send an email to [email protected] with your ASN, AS-SET, desired connection type and desired location to connect.

Unmetered.Exchange does not currently charge a port fee for 1gbps ports, however, depending on your colocation contract your datacenter may charge you a cross-connect fee to connect to our switches. Please reach out to your datacenter sales contact for any questions.

Although not a requirement, you are encouraged to update your PeeringDB profile and list Unmetered.Exchange as a new public peering point.

You may also consider peering with our route server, as the route server will give you the routing tables for all connected peers without having to establish bilateral peering sessions with all networks on the exchange.


The following networks are currently connected to Unmetered.Exchange

Free Range Cloud Hosting Inc53356192.34.27.42602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:4Installed
Tech Futures Interactive Inc394256192.34.27.52602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:5Installed
Hurricane Electric LLC6939192.34.27.62602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:6Installed
MoreWave Communication Inc14642192.34.27.72602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:7Installed
iFog GmBH34927192.34.27.82602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:8Installed
Pinku Daimari | CHD-IX210035192.34.27.92602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:9Installed
Securebit AG58057192.34.27.102602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:10Installed
PANKERL MEDIA34924192.34.27.112602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:11Installed
Eggplant Networks39335192.34.27.122602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:12Installed
Bryce Wilson202313192.34.27.132602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:13Installed
Nato Research46997192.34.27.152602:ffb1:200::0:192:34:27:15Installed
Nathan Sales34553192.34.27.182602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:18Installed
11207547 CANADA SARF207654192.34.27.192602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:19Installed
WestConnect Communications396503192.34.27.20
Tschajera Limited209022192.34.27.212602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:21Installed
MegaLink SRL22541192.34.27.222602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:22Installed
Alexander Karl49933192.34.27.232602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:23Installed
The Help Desk LLC22941192.34.27.262602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:26Installing...
E-Sports Ltd.138365192.34.27.272602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:27Installed
Cipherkey Exchange Corp.25668192.34.27.282602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:28Installed (no rs)
HockWoo Tan212995192.34.27.292602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:29Installed
Marble Information Systems Limited213092192.34.27.322602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:32Installed
365 Node Network136451192.34.27.342602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:34Installed
STRATEGIC EXPLORATIONS LTD207268192.34.27.352602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:35Installed
NekoCloud Solutions Limited212987192.34.27.362602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:36Installed
Moe Overflow Electric Limited213262192.34.27.372602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:37Installed
MoeQing Network Service200105192.34.27.382602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:38Installing...
Geek Networks212705192.34.27.412602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:41Installing...
David Moes212568192.34.27.422602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:42Installing...
Otaku Japan141694192.34.27.432602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:43Installing...
Xiwei Ye212793192.34.27.472602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:47Installed
LZ Network LTD44509192.34.27.512602:ffb1:200::192:34:27.51Installing
Mercy Cloud9886192.34.27.522602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:52Installed
I am a Bad Actor, LLC14570192.34.27.532602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:53Installed
MrSheep NET LTD211323192.34.27.542602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:54Installing
Layerbridge SRL3280192.34.27.552602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:55Installing
Unlabeled LLC211544192.34.27.562602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:56Installing
fixmix Technologies Ltd211876192.34.27.572602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:57Installing
OPTIX TRANSIT LTD209870192.34.27.582602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:58Installing
Free Transit212895192.34.27.592602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:59Installing
WTW HIGHTECH COMPANY INC140984192.34.27.602602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:60Installing
WebLink SRL211397192.34.27.612602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:61Installing
ZoneTech Communications211272192.34.27.652602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:65Installed
Akari Networks38136192.34.27.672602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:67Installed
Yuuta Backbone142281192.34.27.682602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:68Installed
Mail xPert GmbH21124192.34.27.692602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:69Installed
Haonan Yang7719192.34.27.702602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:70Installed
Zezhu Yu212034192.34.27.712602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:71Installed
Christopher Munz-Michielin205096192.34.27.732602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:73Installed
AA Networks207036192.34.27.742602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:74Installed
Cui, Jiacheng210872192.34.27.752602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:75Installed
Wang Yongjin147028192.34.27.762602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:76Installed
Guhyun Chung213163192.34.27.792602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:79Installed
Pacific Delta400307192.34.27.812602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:81Installed
Cyprea Private Limited147039192.34.27.822602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:82Installed
Syslevel SAS210354192.34.27.842602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:84Installed
Edward Behling210836192.34.27.852602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:85Installed
ODN Inc205648192.34.27.872602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:87Installed
Everlife Networks131171192.34.27.882602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:88Installed
Xin Zhao211571192.34.27.892602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:89Installed
Jinze Yang205794192.34.27.902602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:90Installed
TOHU Public Internet140731192.34.27.912602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:91Installed
Coconut Networks LTD213316192.34.27.922602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:92Installed
Zero Distance LLC57406192.34.27.942602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:94Installed
GHOSTEY LTD211877192.34.27.952602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:95Installed
Ursin Filli202427192.34.27.972602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:97Installed
John Mark Gabriel Caguicla200866192.34.27.982602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:98Installed
Hosting Fuze41732192.34.27.992602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:99Installed
David Andri Jakobsson209933192.34.27.1002602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:100Installed
UNLIMITED IS LIMITED57870192.34.27.1012602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:101Installed
Backup Route Server65513192.34.27.2532602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:253Installed
Route Server65513192.34.27.2542602:ffb1:200:0:192:34:27:254Installed